Håkan Bergquist

Master of Yachts Unlimited

Håkan was born in the early 50's. He began racing in his early teens in particular OK-dinghy and then crew of the IF, Express and H-boat and ocean racing by including a number of Gotland Race.

Besides sailing, have free time included skiing and golf.Regarding employment, it has been related to construction and real estate, where the last 20 years been leading the development of businesses in the residential sector. Have included established and led the development of Veidekkes Residential and Property Development in Sweden until the spring of 2010.

Håkan Is now engaged as an advisor to a number of companies in the property sector.

For some years now runs Håkan with Helena charter sailing on the S / Y Nike

First Mate
Helena Björnberg

Master of Yacht Limited

Helena was born in the mid 50's. She sailed different Maxi-boats during adolescence. After some years, she bought her own Maxi 77 as she sailed until 2006. Since then it has mostly been a long voyages in the Baltic and North Sea with larger boats. Besides sailing, the nature and culture occupied a large part of their leisure time.

Helena is educated at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has worked as a stage designer for theater and opera scene in Sweden and Germany until 1997, when she started the company "Ljusgestaltning AB" a lighting design company with a work assignment all over Sweden. The company was sold in summer 2010 to Tyréns AB.

In addition to charter sailing Helena is active in the design and artistic activity,see the section artistic work  artistic work.